Roger Guy Baguley,
C.H.R.P., C.H.R.E.

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Growing exceptional employees through trust, development, motivation and  leadership.

without action is merely a dream. Action
without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!



When conducting business, I have adopted values and ethical codes that guide my interactions with employees and clients.  I am a strong individual driven by core values that help set a benchmark to lead people, provide a foundation to make tough decisions, and brings simplicity and clarity to the "people" side of the company.

Below are some key presentations that I have created, edited & facilitated.

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Change Management:

  • Employee Opinion Surveys (MSWord  pdf file)
  • Employee Opinion Surveys Overview (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis 2 (PowerPoint pdf file)


  • Employee Newsletter (PowerPoint pdf file)



  • Bonuses Reminder (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Annual Bonus Award (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Recognition Program (PowerPoint pdf file)


Health & Safety:  

  • Health & Safety Meeting (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Fall Protection (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Developing a Safety Program (PowerPoint pdf file)

Human Resources:

Performance Management:

  • Performance Management (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Perform (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Corrective Action (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Job Description (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • HR Policies & Procedures (PowerPoint pdf file)

Policy & Procedure Development:

Training & Competency Development:

  • Competency Interview (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • HR Competency Profile (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Motivating a Team (PowerPoint pdf file)
  • Building E-Portfolios (PowerPoint pdf file)


  • Talent is Never Enough:  A summary of the book by John C. Maxwell (PowerPoint pdf file)




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