Roger Guy Baguley, C.H.R.P.
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Growing exceptional employees through trust, development, motivation and  leadership.

"We make a
living by what
we get, but
we  make a
life by what
we give."
... Winston Churchill


Corporate Committees
Member of the following Committees/Management Groups:

  • Chair person for the:

    • Health and Safety Committee

    • Total Compensation Committee

    • Employment and Pay Equity Committee

  • Executive Committee

  • Pension Review Board

  • Corporate Vision, Values and Mission Committee

  • Member of Risk Management Committee

  • Budget Committee

  • Profit Sharing Monitoring/Development Committee

  • The Working and Workplace Ergonomics and Environment Study Group

  • Discussion Leader for the:

    • Pay Equity Committee

    • Relocation Committee

    • Job Evaluation Study Group

    • Succession/Career Planning Committee

    • Harassment and Human Right Committee

    • Employee Opinion Design, Analysis and Implementation Committee

    • Performance and Productivity Management Committee

    • ‘Barrier Free Workplace Design Study Group



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