Roger Guy Baguley,
C.H.R.P., C.H.R.E.

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Growing exceptional employees through trust, development, motivation and  leadership.

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Personal Effectiveness

  • A proactive and solutions oriented personality
  • Active listening skills
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills both written and oral
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-sufficiency and motivation towards ownership of work and tasks

My competencies comprise the HR knowledge, skills, values and attributes which are demonstrated through my behaviour that results in competent and superior performance.  It is important for HR to model the superior performers' behaviours on the job so that employees can emulate these behaviours that produces superior results.

My competencies, knowledge, and experience in selection, retention, training, succession planning and performance management systems are integrated and designed into HR policies which attract, develop and retain top performers.  

Integrating HR Practices Vertically within the Organization and Horizontally with each other

My Professional Competencies encompass the following:

I lead, coach and influence management and employees to help them achieve desired outcomes.  My leadership abilities help me see the big picture, identify individual and team motivators, listen objectively and empathetically, stay organized and manage projects, identify strengths of the team and delegate accordingly, monitor progress towards pre-defined goals and objectives, be humble and give credit, model behavioural excellence, have a clear articulated vision inline with the company's strategic plans and be results driven.

Strategic Thinker:
I view events and possibilities from multiple perspectives.  I understand the bigger picture and the interdependencies and effects of other systems and situations.

I understand the context of the organization within the outside world and am aware of the organization’s critical success factors.  I can anticipate and influence future business growth.

Initiator/Change Agent:
I am proactive and self-starting by seizing opportunities and originating action to achieve organizational goals.  I generate and recognize creative solutions in varying work situations.  I identify opportunities for improving and streamlining work processes beyond specific assignments; I focus on outcomes; I take calculated risks.

Performance Management:
I motivate, delegate and clearly articulate job expectations and encourage win-win solutions and agreements.  What gets measured gets completed and what is rewarded gets repeated.

Development of People:
I enhance my own ability and the ability of others to contribute through sharing my knowledge and experience.  I assess and develop both the strengths and needs of the employee and the team, including developing and preparing employees for promotion

Building Teamwork:
I unite employees and motivate them towards a defined organizational mission, goal and objective which create positive growth synergies.  I value and encourage diversity of opinions.

Understanding Self and Others:
I have a healthy, trusting, interpersonal relating nature that helps me understand that people process information differently and therefore require personal attention which leads to positive working relationships.  I take initiative to build relationships and understand cultural differences.

I maintain and promote individual and organization integrity and values in my conduct of all activities.

I take responsibility and ownership for all HR related goals, projects, problems and/or issues.

I clearly express my ideas and thoughts as well as I am an active and empathic listener.  I self role-model a collaborative approach.  I demonstrate open, honest, and respectful written and verbal communication.

I maintain high performance and composure under pressure, opposition and/or criticism.

Employment Counseling, Career Coaching , Career Transition and Succession Planning:
I have the skills to counsel employees who are getting started in their career as well as those who have been working on their career path for many years. I hone the skills that they require and help them make the right career decisions. Also provide these same job search skills for those candidates whose jobs were being phased out or eliminated.

As an HR leader, I have an impact on employees in the workplace.  I convince employees to perform certain activities which will garner respect and inspire employees to work toward organizational goals.

Politically Astute:
I consider probable support or opposition to ideas or actions based on political interest and constraints as they relate to organizational goals.

Analysis and Problem Solving:
I identify issues; assess problems; anticipate consequences; use logical, rational approach; develop options and strategies to resolve issues, problems, and complaints; compile and review statistics or other data to produce solutions that everyone can live with and support.

Have the ability to apply new ways of thinking and create new ideas. I demonstrate a broad repertoire of ways to think about, understand, and creatively handle complex ideas, problems and situations.

Organizational Design and Development:
I organize for success.  I can facilitate functional needs and structure to achieve strategic goals.

I productively focus time and resources on activities to produce quality results.

I maintain effectiveness in varying work environments where circumstances and priorities are constantly changing.

I identify and define manpower needs, then design hiring programs which attract the brightest and best candidates.  I assess the job profile to determine the fit then the most qualified are selected.

I know the success drivers of the business.  I understand customers’ needs which build organizational credibility and can help develop new revenue sources.  I proactively seek and find ways to provide the highest standards of service.

Planner and Organizer:
I proactively develop and ensure the smooth implementation of short and long-range goals and objectives.




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